Introducing Marfim do TOP to our breeding lineup

Marfim do Top is a stallion of astonishing presence. He earned ABPSL reproduction approval with a rarely matched 80 registration points, regarded as near perfection in every judging category. He stamps his get with the same. Each evidences consistently expressed qualities of intelligence, athleticism, sensitivity, and ridability. Notewothy is the short back, strong coupling, good bone, and long leg. Perhaps most extraordinary of all is temperament – nobility, honesty, generosity.

Marfim do Top’s grandsire, Afiancado de Flandes is reputed the winningest and most awarded of the Lusitano breed. Marfim do Top’s half-brother competed in the Bejing Olympics. A son reigned as the top Working Equitation champion in Brazil. A daughter was jumping 4 feet at 4 years of age. Imported offspring sucessfully compete at Dressage at Devon and professional dressage competitions. There is little doubt that Marfim do Top is a true conduit for the famous blood he carries.

Continuing with foundational stallions and bloodlines is vital to producing champion horses. Debra and Dominique are thrilled to add another grandson of Afiancado de Flandes to their breeding registry; Marfim do TOP and our Bailado do TOP share the famous grandsire…and the grandsire of Afiancado is the same as our beloved Larapio MAC (Maravilha) ! That makes for over six generations of proven excellence.

There are limited breedings available to Marfim do TOP. Stud fee is $2000 with live foal guarantee. If interested in more details, send an email to Debra at .


Upcoming Trip to Brasil – The Dance Partner of Your Dreams Awaits!

Upcoming Trip to Brasil – The Dance Partner of Your Dreams Awaits!

You are invited to join Debra and Dominique on the trip of a lifetime in Brasil for the Lusitano International Expo, as well as a whirlwind tour of the very best breeding farms, where you will have the chance to see and even sit on high quality horses under the instruction of Debra and Dominique before choosing  one of your very own. They have imported approximately 200 Lusitanos to date, and chosen the top farms to visit.  The Barbiers’ talent in matching horse and rider is unparalleled and they take full advantage of their close connections with the breeders around the country  to find you the best possible fit. 

This is our 18th year in the making, and with the current favorable dollar exchange, prices are incredibly low. It is the best time to come  and experience the Brasilian culture and hospitality as well as diving head first into the world of the majestic Lusitano. 

Don’t delay, as spots for this trip are in high demand! Click here to make your deposit. 

For committed buyers, we have special pricing – $1500 of your trip fee will be applied to the Barbier Farms commission, which is 15% of the purchase or $5,000 (whichever is higher). All transportation, importing, and vet checks are arranged for you. 

Package includes private coach transportation in Brasil, all hotels, breakfast each day, and some meals while visiting farms. It does not include meals during the Expo, nor does it include international airfare. Please contact us for pricing and options at


The Brazil trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity to rapidly expand every aspect of your understanding of horses in a truly unforgettable and mesmerizing place. Perhaps if you are as fortunate as I was you will also experience the sheer beauty of bringing home an equine being that was always meant to be part of you. – Lauren Schultz, Healdsburg, CA

Dominique's tour in Portugal, first of several reports

Dominique has returned from a brief tour in Portugal….filled with old friends, great horses, even better food, and lots of fun.  Dominique visited Keron Psillas, who now lives in Portugal for a lot of the year. Catching up with Mestre Luis Valença and his family was the first excursion and then we visited Senhor Manuel Braga, Senhor Manuel Veiga, and Senhor Manuel Coimbra. Each of these gentleman is renowned for their breeding of fine Lusitanos and the horses we saw were evidence of their breeding excellence.  We saw Carlos Oliveira’s horses, renowned ‘apresentador’ from Portugal, whom we first met in Brasil a number of years ago. It was a pleasure to spend time together.

Enjoy the photos….back in several days with the next report.


We had a wonderful weekend at home with guests from several continents for our latest Symposium! The weather, though a little chilly around the edges, was sunny and bright. We had nearly 40 guests in the barn for three days enjoying great lectures, riding lessons, and demonstrations. Saturday night even saw the appearance of a budding theater group in the form of our working students and barn manager. They’ve set the bar high for an even better performance at the next Symposium (July 12, 13, & 14.)

Our lectures this symposium: The Evil of Contact, Riding to Expand Consciousness, Flying Changes, Long-Reining, and the Molecular Exchange of Work-In-Hand and Longeing.  So we had a great mixture of the practical and the philosophical, all steeped in the Classical Tradition.  Click the tab above to sign up for the July event. We were very nearly at capacity this time and we expect the July event to be sold out.  Debra and I are looking forward to welcoming you here, at Barbier Farms.

In addition to the next Symposium, we announced our Annual Auction trip to Brasil. We’ll be going mid-May to attend the International Auction at Coudelaria Ihla Verde, home to our good friend, Victor Oliva. There will be a CDI***, a riding clinic with Debra and Dominique, and the second stage of the Brasilian Working Equitation Championships. Of course, we’ll be visiting the best farms to find exceptional Lusitanos. If you’ve been thinking of traveling to Brasil with Dominique and Debra, contact us soon! We’ll have all the details on our dedicated page within the week. Click the tab: May 2013 Brasil.

We also introduced the DVD that has finally arrived! The January 2012 Symposium was the backdrop for Jolanda Ellenberger’s beautiful film.  Click on the link (here) to order your copy now. We also, thankfully, had just received our embroidered stadium blankets. They were a big hit during the cold mornings this past weekend….order yours now! (click here)

Stay warm, ride well, come see us here in Healdsburg or during on of our clinics around the world.  We’ll begin posting clinic dates in the coming weeks.  Contact Debra if you are interested in hosting your own! 707-696-2828


Here’s a great gallery of images by Keron….enjoy!

Brasil trip reports and so much more

Hello Friends,

It’s been too long between blog posts, so this is going to be a long one! We are just back from Brasil, again, and of course it was a wonderful time. But let’s start with the May Expo trip….

We visited our favorite farms and spent many hours looking at beautiful Lusitanos. We spend a lot of time each year checking on the progress of the young horses. Debra keeps all her notes from trip to trip and year to year…so we know exactly which horse to recommend to our clients and we plan our visits accordingly.

After the farm visits we had a great three-day clinic at Manege Sant Adelaide with Davi Carrano, our guests, and clients from Brasil. Riding beautifully trained horses helps students to replicate the feel and movement when they go back home to their equine partners.

Then, it was on to the Expo. The big event moved this year from downtown Sao Paulo to the Helvetia Riding Center in Indaiatuba, just south of Campinas. The facility was beautiful, and much nicer for the participants, equine and human. It was great to see the Lusitanos of all ages, and watch our friends celebrate victories! Congratulations to all the exhibitors….looking forward to next year. Abraços e beijos. 

Late June found us back in Brasil for a couple of reasons. We had a wonderful group from BUSHTRACKS Expeditions that were interested in seeing the culture of the Lusitano in Brasil. We visited our a few of our favorite farms and enjoyed carriage rides, working equitation, riding gorgeous Lusitanos….and of course, legendary Brasilian hospitality!  Another of the highlights was filming an episode for the Masters Series with Tribuna Lusitana. I’ll post details and airing time on the blog soon!  Thank you to Andrea and Jose and all the Tribuna Lusitana Team.  It was a great pleasure.

And the best part (for DEBRA)….we visited her babies on several different days!  We have wonderful babies and young horses (1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 year old Lusitanos) from the legendary Do Top bloodlines! We’ll be adding more images and video to the Horses For Sale page, but I’ve included a few shots in the gallery below. Enjoy!

Now….time for the July Symposium.  It’s not too late to sign up….there are spaces available! Click on the Symposium link above and join us for all the learning, fun, and great food….and Vive La France!  (We’ll celebrate Bastille Day on Saturday!) And speaking of FRANCE….sign up NOW for the trip to see the Four Classical Schools in Paris…..late September, early October.  The link is above.  Registration must close soon!

Thank you to Keron Psillas for the wonderful photographs.