Training and Lessons

Barbier Farms is a full-service, private training facility. We pride ourselves on the consistency of our care and training, and hold our team to the highest of standards to keep each and every horse happy and healthy.

Those who board their horse are treated to five days of lessons and/or training each week, and full-service tacking and untacking, bathing and feeding, a comprehensive nutrition program, and staff to help with vet, dental and farrier services. Knowing your horse is always taken care of allows you to leave town without worries. As the owner, this frees you to laser focus on your riding and your relationship with your horse.

Outside riders are welcome to schedule lessons with Debra on one of our school horses, or to trailer their horse in for a lesson or series of lessons.

 Dominique is pleased to offer INTENSIVE PACKAGES. These are custom-built riding experiences for the serious rider. The intensive is a fabulous way to immerse yourself in Dominique’s teachings as you’ll be taking private lessons twice daily at Barbier Farm on your own or one of our school horses. You’ll also have the opportunity to watch the Mestre work his horses, observe other lessons at the farm and have all of your questions answered! Contact Debra Barbier today at to make your arrangements!


Dominique has a way of teaching not only the mind but the heart and spirit of his students. We leave not only as better horse women and men but better people!

Dominique is a patient and kind teacher who is highly gifted at reading between the lines and getting to the heart of what is important for each session we work with our horses. We achieve steady forward progress while being kind and patient with our horses via the simple but classic Barbier methodology. I am deeply humbled and consider it a gift each time I am able to learn from Mestre Barbier. I am grateful for his life’s work and that he is here to speak for the horses, to make this a better world for them.

Lessons with Debra – Debra is one of the most gentle, patient, kind and quietly knowledgeable instructors I have had the pleasure of working with. She has a knack for knowing exactly what is needed by horse and rider and how to gently and efficiently get it. Compassion for the horses and her students is very apparent in her teaching style, that coupled with her impressive knowledge of equine biomechanics and riding make her a pleasure to ride with and learn from.

Staci Grattan