Training and Lessons

You are cordially invited to participate in Dominique and Debra’s clinics, riding wonderful Brazilian lusitanos amidst the beautiful scenery of the wine country in Sonoma Valley, California.

Dominique and Debra offer private lessons on their own horses or yours, and accept a few horses each year for training. Short intensive courses are offered for those who live out of State or out of the country.

The best way to experience our training methods is to attend one of our Classical Series Symposiums, usually held in mid to late February and early October. Three days of lectures from Dominique and demonstrations for in-hand work, longeing, and of course, riding lessons, offer a complete view of who we are and how we interact with our equine partners. Debra schedules private lessons for the week after the Symposium for people wishing to deepen their experience. Click on this link to access the next Symposium registration.

Dominique has a way of teaching not only the mind but the heart and spirit of his students. We leave not only as better horse women and men but better people!

Dominique is a patient and kind teacher who is highly gifted at reading between the lines and getting to the heart of what is important for each session we work with our horses. We achieve steady forward progress while being kind and patient with our horses via the simple but classic Barbier methodology. I am deeply humbled and consider it a gift each time I am able to learn from Mestre Barbier. I am grateful for his life’s work and that he is here to speak for the horses, to make this a better world for them.

Lessons with Debra – Debra is one of the most gentle, patient, kind and quietly knowledgeable instructors I have had the pleasure of working with. She has a knack for knowing exactly what is needed by horse and rider and how to gently and efficiently get it. Compassion for the horses and her students is very apparent in her teaching style, that coupled with her impressive knowledge of equine biomechanics and riding make her a pleasure to ride with and learn from.

Staci Grattan