Barbier Farm Distance Teaching Program

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in our distance teaching program, hosted by Dominique and Debra. We at Barbier Farm are with all of you in spirit during this tragic time for our world. Dominique is, as always, dedicated to carrying on the work that he has enjoyed with all of you throughout the years. In order to continue to progress for both you and your horse (or to begin, if a new student), he is prepared to begin lessons using Zoom. It is his intention to not only continue to give lessons, but to also assist riders in coming up with a comprehensive training plan and to give you the tools to work with your horse from home. 

We are offering two types of lessons in order to accommodate your wireless capabilities: 

Taped rides

This will consist of sending a 30 minute pre-recorded video including your lunging and work-in-hand to, followed by either a phone or Zoom debrief with Dominique at an arranged time. Files will need to be sent using Dropbox. We have prepared an instructional document for you outlining easy steps to download and use both Dropbox and Zoom, either from your mobile or desktop devices. 

Zoom Personal Lessons – done in real-time.

**This requires you to have enough wireless connection in your riding arena to support a video call, with enough connection that Dominique will be able to properly see the horses’ movement without glitches or freezing of the picture.**


New student special – introductory lesson at US$170.00! 

1 lesson-US$200.00

4- lessons–US$700 ($175.00 per lesson)

8 or more lessons — US$1200.00 ($150.00 per lesson)

All lessons must be completed in a 30-day time frame. 

*If you sign up for more than 8 lessons in a 30 day period, you will also receive your choice of Barbier books.


For those of you looking to work with Dominique for the first time, welcome! We are thrilled to meet you. As Dominique generally meets his students in clinics, we have a few guidelines in order to help you to the best of our ability. 

As a special offering, new students may arrange a complimentary phone call with Dominique before purchasing your lesson package.

In order to receive the most benefit from your training with Dominique, we highly recommend that you first read Dressage for A New Age to acquaint yourself with his fundamentals. You may purchase a copy from our website as we are still able to deliver mail. 

Before starting lessons or evaluations, Dominique will need a short clip of your horse. 

The clip must include: 

  • Walking and trotting in hand towards and away from the camera;
  • Lunging both directions at walk, trot, canter;
  • Work in hand around the rider (on the pillar) and on a small square, both directions – if the rider has a basic understanding of work in hand; 
  • Information on what the rider would like to achieve; and 
  • Any concerns the rider may have with their horse.

Thank you again for your interest, we are looking forward to working with you. 

Kind regards, 

Debra and Dominique Barbier