Helping you find your dream partner!

Dominique and Debra Barbier have been involved with Lusitanos for more than 40 years, and importing them into the United States for 36 years. Their long and trusted relationships with the best breeders in both Portugal and Brazil allows them to access the best quality Piro-free Lusitanos the world has to offer. Thanks to their frequent visits to Brazil, Dominique and Debra have an intimate knowledge of individual horses, their history and bloodlines, and their professional relationship with many of the stud farms makes them the ideal source for finding your dream horse.

Please contact us when you feel you are ready to welcome the horse of your dreams into your life. With their many years of experience, and having followed the lives and training of many horses since birth, your Lusitano, hand-picked by Dominique and Debra, will be the envy of the horse community.

Several times a year they offer clinics and escorted trips to Brazil for those wishing to purchase a horse or become better acquainted with this remarkable breed. According to a buyer’s personal specification with regard to ability level and price range, Debra and Dominique will help a buyer choose from a carefully pre-selected group – removing the stress typically associated with this special investment.