Brasil for 2024 – DATES TBA

Make plans to join us this year! Prices in Brazil for your dream horse continue to be very very low……We are so excited as this is the best opportunity for you to find a horse that suits you at a VERY good price. It is a perfect time to accompany us….and the Dollar is still super strong in Brasil,   making fabulous Lusitanos more affordable than ever! We know where to take you and which horses are progressing in their training. We’ll be visiting the best farms before the auction and generally soaking up all the Lusitano culture and Brasilian hospitality we can!  It’s a great year to come with us and experience the majesty of the Lusitano and the warmth of Brasil’s culture.  Contact Debra for all the details:   For a better idea of how the trip itinerary looks, take a peek at our past flyer below! 

There are so many beautiful things to say about this trip. Dominique and Debra’s reputation and connections allow an experience that you cannot get anywhere else. The selection of quality horses is impressive and you can ride almost anything you see. The profundity of this cannot be over-exaggerated. It allows the rider to expand their collection of “feels” in a matter of days that would otherwise take years. Beyond riding, just looking at all the different types of Lusitano will deepen the rider’s understanding of the breed. The Barbier’s own bloodline of horses is exceptional and shows their great understanding of the Lusitano’s breeding history and more importantly, feeling.
Sarah Richter, Sequim, WA