Broken or Beautiful

Broken or Beautiful: The Struggle of Modern Dressage: The Struggle of Modern Dressage
by Dominique Barbier and Liz Conrod


Riding with Oliveira

My Time with the Mestre – Forty Years Later
Dominique Barbier and Keron Psillas Oliveira


About Dominique

As a best-selling author, clinician, world-renowned horseman, Dominique is our greatest link to the French classical riding tradition of the last four centuries ~”descent de main, descent de jambe.” But he is an innovator as well and that is what makes his message and his life’s work so important. Whether it is a clinic situation, a lecture, or a large symposium, Dominique brings his passion, his practice, and his life-long commitment to an ideal to create an uplifting message for all participants.

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Due to COVID-19 safety concerns, we have postponed our Spring Symposium until further notice and are offering a special on our literary collection to encourage continuing your Classical Education from the comfort of your home.

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