I just wanted to write and say thank you, thank you thank you!! For your online video database. Two years ago I became a groom/working student for a trainer in my state, Colorado, and a few months ago I bought a horse who was one of my charges. I had been struggling greatly to grasp the concept and aids for haunches-in, but after watching most of your YouTube videos, had much better results with shoulder in, haunches in, turn on the haunches, and general self-carriage. I also applied your groundwork videos and very quickly found a much deeper trust bond with my horse. My horse, who had an abusive past with a demanding German dressage trainer, has benefited endlessly from the soft, sustainable philosophies like your own. Someday I will come out to your barn and take a lesson in person! Thank you for who you are and what you teach. Compassion and true feel is largely absent from the dressage world as I’ve experienced it, but you have maintained and expanded the heart of this amazing art.
Johanna Bloom, Colorado

Hi Dominique, Debra and wonderful team. I just wanted to take the time again to say thank you so much for your friendship, guidance and hospitality. We just adore being at Barbier Farm and it has been a pivotal place for my riding journey. Every day there has been more ‘lightbulb moments’ when the penny has dropped and I am so excited to go home and start putting what I have learnt into practice. 

Claire Mueller, New Zealand


Well if you didn’t get the message while we were there – WE HAD A BLAST! Thanks so much for all your great instruction, your patience, good humor and great company. We just wish we could have stayed longer especially since it seemed we were actually starting to get it!
Sue Chiverton and Carol Marrington, NM & CA

For over fifteen years now I have ridden in Dominique’s clinics, nearly 60 of them now, and every time I find I learn something new to work on for the period in between. Watching him ride my horse is a tutorial in itself and when he is teaching, I test myself by seeing if I can make the correction in my mind that he will make to the student. The relaxed atmosphere fosters both fun and learning, and I look forward to his coming each time.
Nancy Clarke, New Jersey

Truly masters of their trade. Working with Debra and Dominique is a privilege for both human and horse. Each training experience is a new one; whether the work is being done during a clinic in Brazil, New Jersey, or private lessons in their home. All are special opportunities to reach deeper and discover the perfection of lightness. Their work transcends ‘training’ and will enrich your life and that of your horses.
Melinda D’Amico, New Jersey


I am enjoying every second of my learning with my wonderful Tobold. Because of your help and expertise, I think I have the best horse in the whole world! He is so very talented and such a gentleman, especially for a stallion. Also, his stunning beauty is such a bonus! I have taken off many years from riding and I now have the opportunity to enjoy my passion again. He is the perfect horse for me. He has been so patient and giving while I gain confidence and build my riding skills and yet his talent has allowed me to progress and ride at a level that I never dreamed was possible. He is such a wonderful match for my personality. Thank you so much for helping me find such a wonderful horse. I cherish every minute with him. Video link of us playing in the snow in Piaffe.
Jean Dempsey, Great Lakes, IL

Tenente LS (from Luis Salgado) arrived with me in the fall of 2007 at 2:30 in the morning! He’d trailered from quarantine in Florida all the way to my farm in Connecticut, came off the trailer, looked around, got in his stall and fit right in. He has the best brain I have seen in a long time, and he is beautiful and talented. Since then I have ridden Tenente many places, and featured him in the upcoming DVD The Chi of Riding, a film about Tai Chi and riding. Last summer he did extremely well at the Andalusian Lusitano show, and was awarded USEF ‘Horse of the Year’ for Region 6, Performance Horse category. I look forward to many years with this beautiful horse and thank Dominique and Debra so much for finding him!
Patricia, NYC

We’ve been to Brazil twice with Debra and Dominique Barbier, our French Classical Dressage trainers and friends. In May 2003 we attended the auction to buy Primo, our Lusitano stallion. We spent several days traveling to the major horse breeders, seeing hundreds of horses and riding those we and the Barbiers thought were good choices for us. At the auction, the bidding stopped at exactly the number we’d given Dominique. We had won, and a few months later Primo was flown into LA to spend several months with the Barbiers, during which we often flew out to train with him. Primo is truly a high quality horse, with a level head, a sweet tem- perment, a strong work ethic and beautiful gaits.

In 2007, we returned to Brazil with the Barbiers and, in addition to traveling to the horse breeders’ Haras, we attended Carnival in Rio de Janiero and then relaxed at the beautiful Toca do Marlin 10 room resort in Bahia. Rio was crazy and wonderful. We watched the best six Samba Schools from the exclusive Brahma box parade – with free beer, free food and the most energizing music and dancing you’ll ever experience. We did some sightseeing in Rio, sun tanned on Ipanema beach and then flew to Bahia. We were all so happy just to relax on the deserted beach, eat the wonderful dinners cooked by Lucia’s staff, do some sightseeing, and of course, ride Lusitano stallions every morning!

Laurie and Leigh Wachter, Healdsburg, CA

Going to Brazil and finding Suplicio Da Raposa was a wonderful experience. I was looking for two years to find a horse that would be my dance partner and a friend, he is so much more. He is kind, patient and a wonderful partner. I brought him home last July and he has helped me regain my confidence in my riding. I am having the time of my life learning a exploring, with my partner, and my friend. Thank you for helping me find such a wonderful partner and friend.
Nancy Himmelblau, New Jersey

Working with the Barbiers to find a horse that is perfect for me has been a remarkable experience. From traveling to Brazil and exploring the breeding farms and meeting the breeders and riders to having individual horses hand selected just for you, one cannot ask for a more complete and educational experience.

Universo has turned into the horse I never knew could exist and every day I can’t believe I get to share my life with him. Incredibly generous and kind, I could not have asked for a more perfect match. Oh, and he just happens to be absolutely, amazing gorgeous!

Rebecca, Santa Rosa, CA

My passion has always been beautiful horses! My father taught me as a young girl, when he gave me my first pony, that living with horses was one of the most precious gifts nature can offer us. The gift of horses comes with solemn responsibility. He encouraged me to understand the unique essence of each horse and respect their individuality. Secreto is a most beautiful and complex horse; sensitive, athletic, smart, playful and highly intuitive. Secreto listens and trusts. I love communicating with Secreto, on the ground and in the saddle.
Charlyn, Healdsburg, CA

This beautiful horse, Quitaro Do Top, enchanted me in a video tape and fits me like a fine kid glove. Debra and Dominique thought we would be a good match, and I can truly say that I have never ridden any horse more elegant in movement, nor one with a more giving spirit.
Nancy Clarke, New Jersey

The Brasil trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity to rapidly expand every aspect of your understanding of horses in a truly unforgettable and mesmerizing place. Perhaps if you are as fortunate as I was you will also experience the sheer beauty of bringing home an equine being that was always meant to be part of you. 

Lauren Schultz, Chicago, IL