The amazing thing I found about clinics with Dominique is that he uses the same techniques on all the horses he works with, and without fail it works on ALL of them!

Dominique’s training is all about the horse: if your horse is happy in his work, he will give his all for his rider.  This is evident in all the horses under his tutelage. G. Maholic

New Jersey

If you are interested in sponsoring a clinic, Dominique works by private treaty with all clinic sponsors.  Please contact us for details at (707) 480~5598 or (707) 696~2828 or email

NEW DATES WILL BE ADDED EACH MONTH. Please contact Debra if you are interested in sponsoring a clinic.  There are limited dates available for 2019. Call (707) 696-2828 or email

2019 Clinic Dates 

January 18-20 – Clinic at Barbier Farm! Contact Debra for information @ 707-696-2828, or Dominique @ 707-480-5598

March 22, 23, & 24….  The 18th Classical Series Symposium, Barbier Farms, Healdsburg, CA. click this link to sign up! Reserve your spot now as it promises to be a very busy weekend. Lectures, demonstrations, riding lessons, a champagne reception, and a catered dinner in the stable (which is legendary!) await. Join us!

April 26-29 – Debra Barbier Clinic at Dancing Hoofbeats in Jacksonville, IL. Contact Sarah Scheerer at for details. 

May 2-4 // 8-10 – *new location* TWO clinics in Quito, Ecuador. Contact Dorota Racinorska at for details. 

MAY 21-29, our SEMI-ANNUAL TRIP TO BRASIL for the INTERNATIONAL LUSITANO EXPOSITION.Click on the Equestrian tour link above for more information.

May 31-June 2– New Jersey, Private clinic. Contact Dominique for information

June 7-9 – Barbier Farms Summer Clinic in Healdsburg, CA. Contact Debra at 707-696-2828 or Dominique at 707-480-5598 for details. 

July 19-21 – McCrae Farm, Grayslake, IL. Contact Jill McCrae at for details. 

July 26-29 – Dancing Hoofbeats in Jacksonville, IL. Contact Sarah Scheerer at for details. 

August 2-4 Denver, CO. Contact Carrie Harrison at for details. 

August 23-25 – Flemington, NJ. Contact Gary Maholic at for details. 

October 11-13, 19th Classical Series Symposium at Barbier Farms. Click the Symposium link to register! 

October 25-27 – Flemington, NJ. Contact Gary Maholic at for details. 

November 6-16, we will return to GOLEGÃ, PORTUGAL for another Lusitano extravaganza! Join us! Click on the Equestrian tours link above for more information.

Dominique Barbier Teaching

Locations for Clinics….DATES COMING SOON!!!!

Grayslake, IL, Contact Jill  McCrae: (847)546-5164

Private clinics in New Jersey, Please contact Dominique or Debra for information. (707-480-5598 or 707-696-2828)

Calgary, CA, contact Dominique or Debra at (707) 480-5598 or 707-696-2828

Springfield, IL, Contact Sarah Scheerer, (217) 320-1807

Flemington, NJ, contact Gary Maholic: (215) 489-1557,

Quito, Ecuador, contact Dorota Racinorska: +59 39 97 45 11 30,

Brighton, CO, contact Carrie Harrison:  (720) 312-9139,