This winter, we will be launching the first membership level of Dominique’s online monthly subscription that joins his students and curious newcomers in an exploration of the JOURNEY TO LIGHTNESS. This part of the Mestre’s vision contains short videos that expand on the mantra outlined in his book, Dressage Training Companion (DTC). Dominique’s responses to a working student’s questions add insights from his decade of teaching since he first published DTC.

The online subscription has three levels. As you move up through the membership levels or if you purchase a higher level from the outset, you will continue to have access to the previous level or levels. 

  • SHOULDER-IN is a series of short interviews filmed by one of Dominique’s working students. In-depth explanations following his short guide, Dressage Training Companion. No longer available as a separate subscription.
  • HAUNCHES-IN shares footage from past symposiums made available for the first time. Subscribers also receive the Shoulder-In series.
  • PIROUETTE peeks into Dominique’s progression as a teacher and rider through archival footage from different stages in his career. Subscribers also have access to the Shoulder-In and Haunches-In series.

These videos have been largely unseen by the public and are a fantastic way to continue learning from home. In addition to access to videos, you will have access to our MEMBERS-ONLY FACEBOOK GROUP – a place to ask your questions and have them answered by the team at Barbier Farm.