Voices for Change


More and more, voices are speaking out against the inhumane and dangerous practices in the modern Dressage world, namely that of Rolkur and RDL. While disturbing, it is important to face the facts in regards to how so many people force their horses and cause irreparable damage.

Dominique has been a voice against these cruel practices for years; it is a relief to see others finally begin to step forward. His next book, set to publish in the spring, speaks to the rules of the FEI and how modern competition blatantly goes against the rules in regards to horse safety and correct dressage principles.

The Classical Series – Symposium XX in March 2020

Make your plans for the spring, and join us in beautiful Dry Creek Valley for the 20th Classical Series, hosted by Dominique and Debra Barbier.

Symposiums are designed for auditors’ learning benefit, with the addition of twice daily lectures delivered by the Mestre himself. This is a fantastic introduction to the principles of French Classical Training, with the opportunity to have questions answered by Dominique personally.

If high hotel prices have you hesitating to book your trip, get in contact with Debra and she will help you find more economical options. Send your inquiries to barbierfarm@aol.com.

Space is limited, do not delay! We look forward to seeing you.