Christmas gift ideas! Need a little inspiration? Look no further…

πŸ’« The Bison Deluxe Barbier dressage saddle. Elegant, comfortable, and designed for the maximum connection between you and your horse. The Cadillac of Saddles.

πŸ’« An Intensive at Barbier Farm. Come solo, or bring your own horse for even more of an impact on your riding! Choose your duration of stay to fit your needs and ride twice daily with Dominique!

πŸ’« Breeding to one of the marvelous Lusitano stallions standing at stud for a top quality foal of your own! Take advantage of Debra’s breeding passion and expertise, coupled with the very best bloodlines. (Pictured here, Larapio DB, bred by Debra Barbier; sired by her stallion Bailado do TOP, standing at stud at Barbier Farm).

πŸ’« Sketches of the Equestrian Art by Dominique Barbier and Jean-Louis Sauvat. Ideal gift for someone who appreciates art, even if they are not so equine-inclined. Beautiful sketches by Sauvat that demonstrate the training progression, as described by Dominique.

πŸ’« Meditation for Two: another work of art that will inspire even those who do not ride. A book of beautiful photographs and musings dedicated to the horse and to the essence of the equestrian art.

πŸ’« A trip to Barbier Farm for symposium! Join us and make new friends in a whirlwind weekend of learning, dancing with horses, and a fabulous catered dinner in the barn (with wine grown from the farm’s vineyard)

πŸ’« The Alchemy of Lightness: What happens at the molecular level to help horse and rider achieve maximum connection by Dominique Barbier and Maria Katsamanis. The title says it all.

πŸ’« Antique prints curated by Dominique! Limited collection still available.

πŸ’« A Lusitano of your own! Join Debra and Dominique in Brazil to visit the best breeding farms. Enjoy the hospitality, scenery, and the horses to bring home your dream partner.