Christmas Gift Guide 2023

Christmas gift ideas! Need a little inspiration? Look no further…

💫 The Bison Deluxe Barbier dressage saddle. Elegant, comfortable, and designed for the maximum connection between you and your horse. The Cadillac of Saddles.

💫 An Intensive at Barbier Farm. Come solo, or bring your own horse for even more of an impact on your riding! Choose your duration of stay to fit your needs and ride twice daily with Dominique!

💫 Breeding to one of the marvelous Lusitano stallions standing at stud for a top quality foal of your own! Take advantage of Debra’s breeding passion and expertise, coupled with the very best bloodlines. (Pictured here, Larapio DB, bred by Debra Barbier; sired by her stallion Bailado do TOP, standing at stud at Barbier Farm).

💫 Sketches of the Equestrian Art by Dominique Barbier and Jean-Louis Sauvat. Ideal gift for someone who appreciates art, even if they are not so equine-inclined. Beautiful sketches by Sauvat that demonstrate the training progression, as described by Dominique.

💫 Meditation for Two: another work of art that will inspire even those who do not ride. A book of beautiful photographs and musings dedicated to the horse and to the essence of the equestrian art.

💫 A trip to Barbier Farm for symposium! Join us and make new friends in a whirlwind weekend of learning, dancing with horses, and a fabulous catered dinner in the barn (with wine grown from the farm’s vineyard)

💫 The Alchemy of Lightness: What happens at the molecular level to help horse and rider achieve maximum connection by Dominique Barbier and Maria Katsamanis. The title says it all.

💫 Antique prints curated by Dominique! Limited collection still available.

💫 A Lusitano of your own! Join Debra and Dominique in Brazil to visit the best breeding farms. Enjoy the hospitality, scenery, and the horses to bring home your dream partner.

Thoughts from a working student

The following essay is written by Ashia Sanders, the current Barbier Farm working student

It’s been nearly four months since I arrived at Barbier Farms as a working student. I will stay for another two months before heading back home to Canada and I hope that those two months move slowly. I am writing this review with an immense amount of gratitude towards the Barbier family and team, who have graciously shared their home, their horses and their knowledge with me.

Ashia and school horse, Romeo, moving together in lightness

I have done two other working student positions, both at Olympic-level barns in Europe. They are what you expect in a working student position: full days of cleaning stalls, feeding, blanketing, turning in and out, hand-walking, grooming, preparing horses for riders, etc. Maybe once or twice a week you receive a lesson, if there is time after the day is finished and if a horse is available. These positions were valuable as they created international connections and prepared one for a stable hand or groom position – but your skills as a rider are secondary.

working in hand with Romeo

Barbier Farm is different. The focus here is truly on you as a rider – and the art of riding and working horses in the classical style. Every day involves riding, lunging, working in hand, watching other riders, reading, and discussion. What an honour to receive (beginning on the very first day) such respect, dedication, and commitment to my development as a rider. The horses, the farm, the team – words can’t describe how wonderful the experience is. I will be leaving Barbier Farm with a profound change in my understanding of the relationship we, as riders, share with horses and a passion to continue the study of this art for the rest of my life.


Barbier Farm has an upcoming opening for a working student. Send your resume to Debra Barbier at to apply.

For more details on the program, visit our Working Student page.

Symposium XX Postponed Until Further Notice

While we were looking forward to hosting our friends for the XX Classical Series this coming weekend, due to COVID-19 safety concerns we have decided to postpone until further notice. Our thoughts are with each and every one of you, near and far, and we hope that you are safe and healthy in this most unprecedented of times. 

However; we are pleased to still offer our full range of books and videos as seen on the website, including reprints of Alchemy of Lightness!  Continue your Classical Education from the safety and comfort of your own home, let the Mestre come to you. As a special offering, any purchase over $95 will receive a free Barbier Training Manual, and any purchase over $175 will receive a free Symposium DVD!

The Classical Series – Symposium XX in March 2020

Make your plans for the spring, and join us in beautiful Dry Creek Valley for the 20th Classical Series, hosted by Dominique and Debra Barbier.

Symposiums are designed for auditors’ learning benefit, with the addition of twice daily lectures delivered by the Mestre himself. This is a fantastic introduction to the principles of French Classical Training, with the opportunity to have questions answered by Dominique personally.

If high hotel prices have you hesitating to book your trip, get in contact with Debra and she will help you find more economical options. Send your inquiries to

Space is limited, do not delay! We look forward to seeing you.