Reminiscing of Portugal

All photos courtesy of Keron Psillas from previous trips to Portugal
article by Katherine Howard

Portugal has always been a traveler’s delight, offering a perfect blend of rich history, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality. For the equestrian traveler, the National Horse Fair in Golegã stands out as a true celebration of equestrian culture and is not to be missed.

Every November, Golegã transforms into a captivating spectacle during the National Horse Fair, or Feira Nacional do Cavalo. This event, dating back over 400 years ago, is a celebration of Lusitano horses in all their glory.

Stepping onto the cobblestone streets marks your travel back in time; you will pass by riders sitting on their horses outside of the bar, elegant fur-lined capes and hats that pay homage to when fashion and class went hand-in-hand.

Horses are everywhere. I remember watching a child who could not have been more than ten years old executing flying changes to canter pirouettes over and over in the middle of the track around the arena. He looked like a bullfighter, only his stirrups hardly reached down his horses sides. Nobody paid him much attention, as antics such as these are normal.

During our time at the fair I witnessed the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art perform, a performance by the daughters and granddaughter of Luis Valenca, along with an appearance by M. Valenca himself, working equitation competitions, riders in bullfighting getup, Dany LaHaye work her horse (while we dined above the arena in true luxury), driving competitions, and so many beautiful (and maybe some slightly less beautiful but no less loved) horses.

And when you (or more likely your travelling companion who is not as equine-enthused as you) tire of watching the endless Lusitanos from backyard to ridden by Manuel Veiga himself, you can visit the artisan tradestalls, shop for beautiful handmade tack, and sample traditional Portuguese delicacies that will have you considering permanent relocation. Believe me when I say that you will be extremely well-fed on this trip.

In Europe, anyone who is anyone to be associated with Lusitanos shows their face at Golegã, and the chance to delve in with someone like Dominique who was so deeply impacted by his time there is one that you should be chomping at the bit for (forgive the horse pun, it could not be helped).

Whether you’re captivated by the equestrian world or simply seeking a unique cultural experience, Golegã promises to leave an indelible mark.

Dominique and Debra will be back this fall in Portugal, and you are invited to join in the fun!
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Special Equestrian Tour to Spain this Summer!

Join Debra and Dominique at the end of June for what is sure to be an unforgettable experience in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain.

The highlight of the trip is a special anniversary performance featuring all four of the equestrian schools:
Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art
Cadre Noir
Spanish Riding School
Portuguese School of Equestrian Art

AND presenting a new fifth school, Abu Dhabi Royal Equestrian Art (ADREA), that will be performing for the first time!

When traveling with the Barbiers, you are sure to travel in style; luxury accommodations, fantastic food and wine, and will see the best the country has to offer in terms of equestrian attractions. Debra and Dominique have already put together a list of excursions that are sure to delight, from flamenco dancing and sherry cave tours to Carthusian Horse Tours and Alvaro Domecq horses and Brave Bulls in Freedom.

Join us! Trip dates are June 28 – July 6.

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Trip prices – includes hotel, transport once in Spain and all attractions. Travelers will be responsible for lunches, dinners, and airfare to and from Spain. 

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Finding my dance partner

Generoso Interagro is my second Lusitano horse.

Reitor de Quintana was my first. Debra Barbier invited me to Brasil, and he was one of the horses in the auction. He was a gelding and therefore not what Debra was looking to purchase. I had a perfectly wonderful horse at that time, but I encouraged her to bring him home as I loved him already. I knew he was a wonderful horse; honest, talented, and so giving. Long story short, she bought him on auction night.

A few months later he was mine! He was my miracle. I taught several students on him, and he was always there for me. He was smart and intuitive, and always reminded me when I rode well…and when I did not!

After he passed, I did without a horse of my own for over a year. I so missed the wonderful disposition, the honesty, the talent of my friend. I knew I wanted another Lusitano!Liz riding Generoso at Coudelaria do Castenheiro, Brasil, 2017. 

I returned to Brasil with Debra and Dominique and rode lots of wonderful horses. I thought I wanted one of the lovely babies bred by Debra. Then I saw Generoso. What a perfect name that he lives up to everyday! He is truly generous to a fault. I brought him home thinking I would work with him and sell him if he wasn’t the horse for me. Now, I can’t imagine a life without him.

I love all horses, they live in the moment. That said, the Lusitano is level-headed, trustworthy, honest, and a pure joy. The breed of Lusitano is exceptional, and the Barbiers always have the best of the best to pick from.

-Liz Conrod

The Classical Series – Symposium XX in March 2020

Make your plans for the spring, and join us in beautiful Dry Creek Valley for the 20th Classical Series, hosted by Dominique and Debra Barbier.

Symposiums are designed for auditors’ learning benefit, with the addition of twice daily lectures delivered by the Mestre himself. This is a fantastic introduction to the principles of French Classical Training, with the opportunity to have questions answered by Dominique personally.

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