Time of Thanksgiving

Here is our latest email blast. Have a look….and click on all the tabs above to discover what is new here at Barbier Farms. Debra and I are back from a wonderful, though rainy, trip to Portugal to attend the Lusitano Fair at Golegã. The rain kept everyone a little wet around the edges but did not dampen our spirits. It was wonderful to see friends…all a little older (aren’t we all?) but enjoying life with the Lusitano. Debra and I hope you will join us next time for all the fun and gorgeous horses!

Remember, the February Symposium will be here before we know it! We’ll take a little time off for family celebrations over the Holidays, but will be back at work preparing for the 10th Classical Series Symposium. It will be the most rewarding event yet! Click on the tab above to register.

Finally, there is still time to order your Saddle at the 2014 price. We haven’t changed our price for years, but we’ll be forced to do just that in the New Year….so don’t delay! Contact Debra to have your dream saddle arrive! (barbierfarm@aol.com)


Updates to clinic schedule…latest news

Hello Friends,

Debra and I have just returned from Brasil where visited all the breeding farms and attended the International Lusitano Expo in Sao Paulo….at a new venue! The facility at the Hipica Paulista was tremendous, but it was even better to see old friends and the progression of the young horses we saw last year and the year before. Rocas do Vouga was named Best Breeder for the 5th year in a row. Congratulations to Manuel, Thereza, Raul, Carlos, Edneu, and all the team for Rocas do Vouga! 

After a clinic in New Jersey, we’ll be headed to Portugal with our guests for the Festival in Golegã! Click on the link above to see what you will be missing. This way you’ll be sure to plan to join us next time!!!

We’ve added dates in December for our clinics….have a look at the Clinic tab above. I’m looking forward to seeing friends old and new in Chicago, Colorado, and Minnesota! If you are interested in hosting a clinic for 2015, please be in touch! Dates are limited and the calendar fills quickly. And we have announced the date for the February Symposium…our 10th in the Classical Series. Click the tab above (February Symposium) for all the information.

Until then….Amities….DB




Portugal, part 3…final

A little quiet time after the Holiday gives me time to write the last post about my trip to Portugal in September.

The days were filled with visiting the breeding farms and trainers and filled, too, with good food. But I had a special afternoon at Senhor Manuel Veiga’s Quinta da Broa. They were putting the finishing touches on a spectacular new picadeiro. It is constructed in the old foundation out of native and local materials. It is absolutely stunning. Parabens Quinta da Broa!

But the extra special thing was getting to see an original copy of Francois Robichon de la Gueriniere’s Ecole de Cavalerie. I’ve seen framed prints from the book and have read the reprints, but it was amazing to hold the original and leaf through page after page of the marvelous etchings.

I also learned that my old friend and dear friend of my Mestre, Nuno Oliveira, Dom Diogo de Bragança, had compiled a library of hundreds of the best and most rare books on the equestrian art. I hope that someone will recognize the value of keeping that library intact. It is a treasure beyond measuring for lovers of true horsemanship and classical dressage.

Thoughts turn to the future now. We are looking forward to celebrating a Holiday filled with family, with friends, and our horses. We’ll be developing the lecture series for the Symposium in February (click the link above to register now and get a great rate at the Dry Creek Inn!). Wishing you and yours a holiday filled with an abundance of love and compassion.

Amities~ DDBarbier


Portugal AND Brasil

OOPS! Thought this was posted from Brasil!!! Well, better late than never. Time travel with me back to late September and then October….

As I am a little late in getting another blog post up about the trip in Portugal, I will combine some news from Portugal and the Lusitano Expo in Sao Paulo, Brasil. First, Portugal:

I had an excellent day visiting with Senhors Carlos and Rodrigo Torres at Coudelaria Torres Vaz Freire in the Alentejo, near Alter de Chao. I went especially to see the mares as I had been told that it was a marvelous group of females, and that there were many Larapio grandbabies and great-grandbabies.  Raja, their Larapio son (MAC), has created a herd of tremendous quality in a very short time. It was super to see such strength, functionality and refinement all through the group of 15 or so babies. Congratulations to Senhor Torres!

And now we are in Brasil. We spent last weekend at the International Lusitano Expo in Sao Paulo at the Clube Hipica Santa Amaro. Seeing all the horses was great, but seeing all our friends was even better. The camaraderie amongst the breeders and their families is very special. It was exciting to see all the young riders performing so well (The Almeida family, the Oliva family, Gabrielle Fisher, and the Avila sons). These kids are all under 22 and riding PSG through Grand Prix at a CDI*** event. Congratulations!!!

And….check out our new t-shirts and Iphone covers from our dear friend Beatrice Bulteau. It’s always wonderful to catch up with Beatrice and see the beautiful things she is working on. This year was even more fun because these things can arrive for the Holidays!!! Click on the “new products” tab at the top of the page. They won’t last long…there are limited quantities.

Dominique's tour in Portugal, first of several reports

Dominique has returned from a brief tour in Portugal….filled with old friends, great horses, even better food, and lots of fun.  Dominique visited Keron Psillas, who now lives in Portugal for a lot of the year. Catching up with Mestre Luis Valença and his family was the first excursion and then we visited Senhor Manuel Braga, Senhor Manuel Veiga, and Senhor Manuel Coimbra. Each of these gentleman is renowned for their breeding of fine Lusitanos and the horses we saw were evidence of their breeding excellence.  We saw Carlos Oliveira’s horses, renowned ‘apresentador’ from Portugal, whom we first met in Brasil a number of years ago. It was a pleasure to spend time together.

Enjoy the photos….back in several days with the next report.


Here is a small gallery of images that Keron created in Golegã, Portugal, over the last 8 days.  If you have never been to the Festival in Golegã, Keron’s pictures will show you what you’ve missed!  There are campinhos at Manuel Assuncao Coimbra’s box, people of all ages riding gorgeous Lusitanos, and atmospheric photos to give you the feel that is only Golegã. The history and culture of a horse fair in Golegã, going back nearly 500 years, is known around the world. But as a living festival, it is in a  state of constant change. The one thing that does not change is the joy of people celebrating the Lusitano and the connection humans have shared with these remarkable animals for many hundreds and hundreds of years. You can see an even larger selection and read a little about her experience over on her blog: www.keronpsillas.com.

Some other items of interest:

We have secured a reduced rate at the Dry Creek Inn (click the link for their site) for all the January Symposium attendees needing lodging. It’s a very nice place…just give them a call and tell them that you are attending the Barbier Farms event.

There is a new trip on the blog. Click the page above (BRASIL for Carnival) for an outline of the trip. Please contact Debra for further details. Follow the links to see some of the places we’ll be staying.  I am so happy to be going back to Trancoso and Toca do Marlin in Bahia.

For all those interested in hosting clinics in 2012, contact me ASAP. Dates are nearly filled for the year already! I’m excited to be going to South Africa, Switzerland, England, and Brasil, in addition to many clinics here in the US and Canada.  With our trips scheduled in February and May to Brasil, and and others to be announced, it is going to be a very busy year, but one filled with the culture and passion of the Lusitano and classical dressage. We hope to share part of it with you.