Finding my dance partner

Generoso Interagro is my second Lusitano horse.

Reitor de Quintana was my first. Debra Barbier invited me to Brasil, and he was one of the horses in the auction. He was a gelding and therefore not what Debra was looking to purchase. I had a perfectly wonderful horse at that time, but I encouraged her to bring him home as I loved him already. I knew he was a wonderful horse; honest, talented, and so giving. Long story short, she bought him on auction night.

A few months later he was mine! He was my miracle. I taught several students on him, and he was always there for me. He was smart and intuitive, and always reminded me when I rode well…and when I did not!

After he passed, I did without a horse of my own for over a year. I so missed the wonderful disposition, the honesty, the talent of my friend. I knew I wanted another Lusitano!Liz riding Generoso at Coudelaria do Castenheiro, Brasil, 2017. 

I returned to Brasil with Debra and Dominique and rode lots of wonderful horses. I thought I wanted one of the lovely babies bred by Debra. Then I saw Generoso. What a perfect name that he lives up to everyday! He is truly generous to a fault. I brought him home thinking I would work with him and sell him if he wasn’t the horse for me. Now, I can’t imagine a life without him.

I love all horses, they live in the moment. That said, the Lusitano is level-headed, trustworthy, honest, and a pure joy. The breed of Lusitano is exceptional, and the Barbiers always have the best of the best to pick from.

-Liz Conrod

Introducing Marfim do TOP to our breeding lineup

Marfim do Top is a stallion of astonishing presence. He earned ABPSL reproduction approval with a rarely matched 80 registration points, regarded as near perfection in every judging category. He stamps his get with the same. Each evidences consistently expressed qualities of intelligence, athleticism, sensitivity, and ridability. Notewothy is the short back, strong coupling, good bone, and long leg. Perhaps most extraordinary of all is temperament – nobility, honesty, generosity.

Marfim do Top’s grandsire, Afiancado de Flandes is reputed the winningest and most awarded of the Lusitano breed. Marfim do Top’s half-brother competed in the Bejing Olympics. A son reigned as the top Working Equitation champion in Brazil. A daughter was jumping 4 feet at 4 years of age. Imported offspring sucessfully compete at Dressage at Devon and professional dressage competitions. There is little doubt that Marfim do Top is a true conduit for the famous blood he carries.

Continuing with foundational stallions and bloodlines is vital to producing champion horses. Debra and Dominique are thrilled to add another grandson of Afiancado de Flandes to their breeding registry; Marfim do TOP and our Bailado do TOP share the famous grandsire…and the grandsire of Afiancado is the same as our beloved Larapio MAC (Maravilha) ! That makes for over six generations of proven excellence.

There are limited breedings available to Marfim do TOP. Stud fee is $2000 with live foal guarantee. If interested in more details, send an email to Debra at .