We had a wonderful weekend at home with guests from several continents for our latest Symposium! The weather, though a little chilly around the edges, was sunny and bright. We had nearly 40 guests in the barn for three days enjoying great lectures, riding lessons, and demonstrations. Saturday night even saw the appearance of a budding theater group in the form of our working students and barn manager. They’ve set the bar high for an even better performance at the next Symposium (July 12, 13, & 14.)

Our lectures this symposium: The Evil of Contact, Riding to Expand Consciousness, Flying Changes, Long-Reining, and the Molecular Exchange of Work-In-Hand and Longeing.  So we had a great mixture of the practical and the philosophical, all steeped in the Classical Tradition.  Click the tab above to sign up for the July event. We were very nearly at capacity this time and we expect the July event to be sold out.  Debra and I are looking forward to welcoming you here, at Barbier Farms.

In addition to the next Symposium, we announced our Annual Auction trip to Brasil. We’ll be going mid-May to attend the International Auction at Coudelaria Ihla Verde, home to our good friend, Victor Oliva. There will be a CDI***, a riding clinic with Debra and Dominique, and the second stage of the Brasilian Working Equitation Championships. Of course, we’ll be visiting the best farms to find exceptional Lusitanos. If you’ve been thinking of traveling to Brasil with Dominique and Debra, contact us soon! We’ll have all the details on our dedicated page within the week. Click the tab: May 2013 Brasil.

We also introduced the DVD that has finally arrived! The January 2012 Symposium was the backdrop for Jolanda Ellenberger’s beautiful film.  Click on the link (here) to order your copy now. We also, thankfully, had just received our embroidered stadium blankets. They were a big hit during the cold mornings this past weekend….order yours now! (click here)

Stay warm, ride well, come see us here in Healdsburg or during on of our clinics around the world.  We’ll begin posting clinic dates in the coming weeks.  Contact Debra if you are interested in hosting your own! 707-696-2828


Here’s a great gallery of images by Keron….enjoy!