As I prepare for my trip to Switzerland  next week I am feeling deeply the need to continue to create awareness of the issues the Dressage world is facing. Now is the time to speak for the horses in defense of their comfort, their dignity, and their well-being.  I have been working for four decades to teach the classical methods, which when applied properly will bring forth a horse who is grounded, calm, supple, and a happy partner to dance with.

My friend Nadja from Horses for Life has initiated a petition to keep the pressure on the FEI to uphold their original articles and rules.  Please go to this link and sign the petition..and PLEASE invite your friends to do the same.

This is just the beginning.  In the coming months you will hear a great deal from us about the efforts we will be making to bring our message to a larger audience.  I hope you will join us on the journey.

It’s not ALL seriousness here at Barbier Farm.  Last night we had the great pleasure to invite friends for egg coloring.  While no one managed to make a horse out of an egg, we did have a number of marvelously creative eggs…..all aided by a great dinner, some good wine, a little port, and a delicious gateau Marjolaine.