Having finished a very busy clinic in Switzerland, I am taking a few days to travel in France to visit family.  Thank you to all the participants for making the clinic such a success.  Upon my return to the US, I will be in Canfield, Ohio, for a new clinic with old friends, then Connecticut, Illinois, Washington, then New Jersey….you can see the calendar and find links in the CLINICS page on this blog or on our Facebook profile.

I wanted to share the latest news from Brazil and encourage you to think about traveling with us for the Auction, Expo, and a special clinic at Manege Sant’Adelaide.  Debra and I received this announcement from Victor Oliva, founder of the prestigious Luso-Brasileiro Auction:

The Internacional Luso Brasileiro Auction is already the most traditional and important auction of the Lusitano Horse, because, in addition to gathering the best Brazilian breeders, it has increasingly sought to select animals based on functional outlines, especially Classical Dressage.
In this auction were sold, among others, Oceano do Top and Nilo VO, both Olympic Horses, and Parágrafo do Top, Ultraje VO, Amuleto VO, all champions in the shows at USA. The Luso Brasileiro Auction will be held on May, 22 at Coudelaria Ilha Verde – Araçoiaba da Serra – Brazil, and it opens the XXIV International Exhibition of the Lusitano, the most important event of the breed in Brazil
We’re looking forward to see you there!

Debra and I visit Brazil several times each year to observe and watch the young horses progress and conduct clinics at some of the farms for the riders who are responsible for their training.  Because of this our service to a prospective buyer is incredibly valuable.  We know the horses in the auction and in many instances have ridden them.  If you are thinking of a Lusitano of your very own, now is the time to come with us to find your horse. With interest in the Lusitano exploding around the world, we may never again have the opportunity to purchase horses of quality at reasonable prices.  Click on the page above “May 2010 Brazil Trip Details” for all the information.

And a final comment….I spoke at length with Nadja King from Horses For Life just before I left for Switzerland. It was a great pleasure. I am happy to say that Nadja has a new issue available with a number of important articles, including the editorial on the “Just say YES to 401” campaign.  Article 401 in the FEI Rules …”5…the head should remain in a steady position, as a rule slightly in front of the vertical, with a supple poll as the highest point of the neck…” p.11,  and Article 419….The FEI instituted an International Dressage Event in 1929 in order to preserve the Equestrian Art from the abuses to which it can be exposed and to preserve it in the purity of its principles, so that it could be handed on intact to generations of athletes to come.” p.28.  Follow this link to find out more.

Thank you for the wonderful messages about our video, please continue to share it with your friends.  And thank you especially for your interest and for your care of the Horses.

Amities ~ DDBarbier