Here are some pictures of our latest family additions. Debra and I are delighted with these gorgeous fellows.  They are wonderful examples of careful breeding from great bloodlines (and they are awfully cute too).

They are out of Debra’s exceptional mares (as all her wonderful babies have been) and represent the best of the Portuguese and Brasilian bloodlines. Contact her about the older fillies and colts that are available now.  Several of the babies are here in the US now, working happily as three and four year olds. Domina was featured earlier on this blog so scroll down for pictures of her!

First up:
Herodes DB by Bailado do Top out of Somatoria do Top. Bailado is an amazing young stallion with a great work ethic, huge movement, and BIG, but he retains all the finest qualities of the Lusitano of character, expression and gentle temperament. Bailado do Top is by Quadro out of Nubia. Somatoria do Top is the sister (by mother…Largaticha) of some of the most important Lusitanos in Brasil: Nicotina, Orador, and Oceano do Top. Clearly, a very finely bred baby.

Second baby:
Hermes DB by Bailado do Top out of Successão do Top.  Successão do Top is the top awarded mare of her year, champion and vice champion ahead of stallions at the International Lusitano Expo. She is by Quadro do Top out of Herancia.

Come with us to Brasil in May (check the tab above for the Brasil 2012 trips!) and you can see them both, along with the other babies in the herd.  It’s a highlight of our trip each time we go and is THE highlight for proud Mom Debra.

Thank you to Davi Carrano for the beautiful photographs.  Hermes was less than 10 hours old when the photos were taken!