Since we mentioned Debra’s HERD of babies a couple of posts ago, we thought we should put up an image of one of her favorites: Domina DB. She is by Sol VO out of  one of Debra’s mares, Successao Do Top.  This little girl is only 3 coming 4 years old! The scope, the elasticity, and the presence are all a result of her exceptional breeding. She is beginning her training and doing very well. Maybe we’ll even see her during the next Symposium (with a focus on training the young horse- click the Symposium tab above for all the details). There are more babies like this ~ just call Debra and she’ll talk to you for hours about them.  But seriously, Domina DB is just one example of our commitment to excellence in breeding and in finding the best possible horses for our clients. Enjoy the photos.

Amities,  ~DDBarbier