Well it’s been a very busy time here at Barbier Farms. The Symposium had a great turn-out with attendees from California, Virginia, Florida, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Arizona, Alaska, Canada, Spain and Switzerland! Three days of in-depth multi-media lectures, lots of riding, and a Brasilian-themed reception and dinner had smiles on everyone’s faces! Beautiful horses and great food with good company in the stable….combined with Capoeira dancers!!!….made a truly a memorable night.

I’m going to take a moment and thank all the people that make these Symposiums such a success. First and foremost, as always, Debra does a wonderful job to bring all the team together and have the barn and horses looking magnificent. Domina keeps us fed and on schedule. Lisa, with her team of Sarah, Chaya, and Alea, had the horses gleaming and on time! Liz and Shanna, our dear friends from Idaho and Virginia kept all the mechanics purring along…and we had help from new friends, Riley and Karen Caton, for all sorts of tasks! A big thank you to all!

Thank you to Keron and to Riley Caton of Catonphoto.com for the gallery below. There are great moments with many of the participants. I hope you will join us next time for the learning and for the fun! Our next Symposium will take place here at Barbier Farms in Healdsburg, CA, on January 27, 28, and 29. Make plans now to join us.

As the holidays are fast approaching, we included some images from our dear friend Melinda D’Amico’s company: PAZ APPAREL. Click on the link and go see all the very cool stuff….all made from recycled canvas and vegan leather.  FASHION PEACE!

We’ll be posting a number of updates in the coming week….check back with the blog often and tell your friends. We’ll be announcing the Equestrian Trips for 2012 (beginning with Carnivale in Rio in mid-February)!