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The Rolls Royce of our saddle range in terms of materials, comfort and workmanship. Completely hand made, this fine Bison leather was chosen for its indestructibility combined with elegance and warmth. Yes, the brushed leather actually feels warm to your seat, so be the envy of your riding companions and make the ultimate saddle choice. This is likely the last saddle you will ever buy!
A standard size (55 cms) elastic and leather girth made by the same French craftsmen is offered with the Barbier Deluxe Bison saddle. The standard size tree fits 95% of horses. As all our saddles are custom made, special considerations for rider size and tree widths can be accomodated. Please contact Debra to discuss your needs. European craftsmanship typically requires three months for delivery. Shipping and Insurance for U.S. orders is $55.00. Saddles and girths will be mailed by UPS Ground unless otherwise specified. Please contact us for delivery information outside the U.S. or with any special ordering requests.

Available in BLACK


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