Last week, while working with Herodes, an exceedingly refined mature Lusitano, I found that I could not long rein him successfully, as he wanted to come behind the bit.  I wanted to school him from the ground in piaffe and passage and so I thought to work him in hand in these two movements.  It is so special to play with an old soul.  Herodes is one of those beings with so much refinement, so much true awareness, what a privilege it is for me to learn with him.

As soon as I found the correct rein position, he went immediately into a relaxed, but elevated piaffe.  From there, we progressed to a beautiful cadenced passage.  The feeling he gives to the rider, and now working with him on the ground, is pure elation.  Once again, I opened a door only to find the horse waiting for me.  ~ DBarbier