Debra and I spend so much time searching for the right horse to match with a new owner.  Our philosophy has always been that the needs and abilities of a prospective owner are the most important criteria for creating the perfect match. After that, there must exist an emotional bond. This is the magical part and one that is a little more challenging to create, but  it happens and it is always glorious!  Here’s a note we just received from a happy owner and new friend, Trish Greenberg.
I don’t know if there are words good enough to express my feelings on finding the “perfect” horse from Debra and Dominique Barbier.  I had been searching and looking at horses for quite some time trying to find that certain individual.  After traveling to Portugal and purchasing a horse while there,  I  felt as though  something was still missing.  From years of experience,  I know that it is a very rare thing to find one that grabs your soul and makes you know that this is the “one” with no shadow of a doubt.  That is exactly what happened to me while attending my first Barbier Symposium.  While presenting some horses one evening, in walked this little gray stallion that made my heart stop.  Everything about him was exactly what I had been looking for!  He showed such beautiful movement, sensitivity and noble presence about him that I was totally swept away.  When I touched and then rode him,  I knew there was a connection that was totally unexplainable.   This horse grabbed my soul and I could not go away without him.  I had found the horse that I did not think was possible to find.  
Thank you Debra, for being so kind and helping make this happen for me.  You went out of your way to work details out so that this was possible.  I am so grateful to have Capaz Do Mito.   I look forward to training and having many wonderful years together with this special little horse.  He is wonderful!!!!!!!!
Thank you also to Dominique, Keron, wonderful staff and friends at the symposium who were so excited and encouraging during my visit.  Everyone made this truly a wonderful and special occasion.  
Trish Greenberg