As there are so many changes taking place in the Equestrian world, I thought it would be good to finish our Brazil Trip reports with our clinic and lecture with Dr. Gerd Heuschmann.  Mariana Castro and Hilda Maria Toledo Piza graciously arranged the Lecture and clinic at Manege Sant’Adelaide and invited Dr. Gerd Heuschmann to take part.  It was a resounding success and has encouraged us to begin to work together to eliminate the Rolkur/Hyperflexion training methods, as well as others, and to impress upon Equestrians everywhere the need to go back to the classical methods, indeed to understand and follow the existing rules of the FEI for dressage, and to connect with their horses using compassionate, caring training methods.

Clinic participants were treated to Dr. Heuschmann’s lectures on two days and practical demonstrations of the Biomechanics of the horse’s movements while being ridden correctly and incorrectly.  A special thank you to Davi for allowing us to ride his beautifully trained Lusitanos.

Dr. Heuschmann and I developed a strong friendship during the course of the clinic. Teaching, riding, and working with the participants in a manner that emphasizes the well-being of the horse, rather than the use of the horse as a way to win or to gratify the ego, or to commercialize/capitalize on them, has always been deeply meaningful to my students and points the way forward for the work to be done. With the situation in the equestrian world as it is, with over 60% of high level competition horses dying before age 8, we must answer the call from the horses.  We must say to the riding public now is the time to make your voice heard. Join with us to continue to speak out and speak loudly in defense of the horses and against inhumane training practices.  Let’s begin now to give back the love and partnership they have given us for such a long time!

I will be creating a DVD going point by point through the FEI rules to illustrate the correct movements and to explain why they are there and how they illustrate the correct/gentle/systematic training of the horse.  Check back with the blog for progress reports and dates for upcoming lectures and events.  Thank you…   ~ DBarbier