I would like to share with you some photographs of our time at Mr. José Nogueira Martins’ home while filming for the latest interview on Tribuna Lusitana.  It was such a pleasure to spend time with Mr. Martins for we share the same regard for the Masters of Classical Dressage. His hospitality for Dr. Gerd Heuschmann and I was gracious and warm.  Dr. Heuschmann had just returned from Lausanne where he took place in discussion with the FEI committee on banning the Rolkur/hyperflexion training method.  I offer my congratulations and gratitude to Dr. Heuschmann, who with the help of Isabella Sonntag and WuWei Verlag collected over 42,000 signatures on a petition to present to the FEI to ban the Rolkur training practice.  I hope you’ll share the link for Tribuna Lusitana with your friends, it will help us to share our mission to preserve the heritage of the Lusitano and promote the well-being of ALL horses.

I’ve included some images from our clinic at Japu, the home of our friends Tonico and Tatiana Pereira.  It was our great pleasure to spend time with them and to share in the celebration of Tatiana’s birthday.  Tonico and Tatiana graciously opened their home and allowed people to ride their fabulous horses.  The weather was perfect but was eclipsed by the quality of the organization for the participants.  This clinic was truly international.  We had a French father and daughter riding, a group of Brazilian men, and the stars were Sophia and Thomas, the children of our hosts. They were astute and intensely interested in learning as much as they could. Thank you, Davi Carrano, for the great pictures!

In my next post, I’ll have images from our clinic at Manege Sant’Adelaide and from the symposium with Dr. Gerd Heuschmann. The comments section is now available to our blog readers and we welcome your remarks.  Join us, won’t you, on our quest to improve the well-being of the horses?