We are happy to let our readers know that we have received a glowing review for Meditation for Two. Cindy Foley is the Editor-in-Chief of Horse Journal, a widely read online magazine and blog for all things equestrian.  Here is just one of the wonderful things she has to say about Meditation For Two:  I finished with a renewed sense of partnership with my horse. I learned that Sally and I are exactly the same! I felt a deeper understanding into what it must be like from her perspective, and I felt a stronger connection—one that I was able to take into the saddle the very next day.  

Cindy continuesIt’s philosophy; it’s a look at your inner self; it’s an understanding of the horse’s inner being. If you’re searching for answers and can’t get them from the equitation and training lessons we’ve all had drilled into us, or if you have a particularly challenging horse and are open to new approaches, you might find an answer in this book.

To see the entire review, click HERE.  Keron and I are grateful for the review, of course….but what is so important is that people really do ‘get’ what we are trying to say in the book. It’s gratifying and important to the work we are doing for the horses.



To order MEDITATION FOR TWO, click on this LINK.