This particular series offers the most recent footage of Dominique to date. We began filming in late March of 2020 and are continuing to add more each month. Dominique sat down with his team to reexamine the Barbier Dressage Training Companion and add the perspective of another 15 years of experience as a rider, international trainer and instructor.

The videos, like the book, cover all aspects of dressage — from attitude, equipment, longeing and work in hand to the three gaits, lateral work, pirouettes and collection. Dominique answers questions in a casual, yet intimate setting from the Barbier Farm viewing deck, often as students work school horses in the arena beyond him. True to form, he shares his answers in a stream of consciousness that results in a collection of candid, unabridged teachings.

We believe your membership will have the most value if you watch a video, reference the Training Companion for concise instructions and pointers about what to do and what to avoid, and work on putting what you learn into practice before moving on to the next video.


Chapter 1


1. Mantra

2. Why is communication so important?

3. How do we prepare ourselves for our horses?

4. Visualization

5. Where does the mental picture come from?